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Operating days and hours:

The Little Red Barn is open 5 days a week from 9am-3pm. Children have the option to attend Tues/Thurs, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Monday-Friday. Drop off is between 9:00-9:20am.  Pick up is between 2:40-3:00pm.

Sample Daily Schedule:

9:00-9:20: Drop Off/Free choice time in the classroom

9:20-9:45: Snack time, bathroom break, get ready to go outside (snack will take place outside during the Fall and Spring and weather dependent in the winter)

10:00-12:00: Children play and explore in nature. During the spring, summer and fall this time includes gardening. There will be a daily circle time during this block. 

12:00-12:30: Lunch time (outdoors if weather permits)

12:30-1:30: Rest time

1:30-3:00: Outdoor exploration

2:40-3:00:Pick Up

Holding Fee & Tuition Information:

At the time of enrollment, we require a holding fee equal to the amount of one month of tuition. This fee will be applied to your child’s last month of preschool. Your child’s place in the program is not guaranteed until your holding fee is received. For returning families, a holding fee is required each school year.

Tuition for 2022-2023 School year:


Tuition for two sessions a week (Tu/Th) is $3,060 payable in 9 equal monthly installments of $340. 


Tuition for three sessions a week (M/W/F) is $4,590 payable in 9 equal monthly installments of $510.


Tuition for five sessions a week (M-F) is $7,650 payable in 9 equal monthly installments of $850.

Tuition payments are due by the first of each month or before your child’s starting date if they enroll mid-month. If your child enrolls mid-year, tuition amounts will be prorated and adjusted as needed. Parents/guardians will be sent a monthly tuition invoice via email at least two weeks prior to the payment due date.


Licensing Information:

The Little Red Barn is a licensed Class C3 Family Group Childcare. The program meets or exceeds all licensing requirements. The Little Red Barn has one teacher with a maximum of 10 students ages 3-6. 


Food Program:

We provide a healthy morning snack each day that is included in the cost of tuition. Our snacks will include a fruit or vegetable and grain of some kind. Children will help prepare their snacks daily. We serve organic food when possible. We are able to accommodate food allergies within our program as well. During warmer months children will grow and eat food from our garden. Snacks can also be cooked over our campfire. 


Lunch is to be provided by parents/guardians each day. We strive to create as little waste as possible at The Little Red Barn so please be mindful of using reusable items when packing your child's lunch. We also strive to teach children about how healthy food nourishes their bodies so we encourage parents to be mindful of packing whole foods versus processed foods in their child's lunches. 


​Daily Gear:

Since children will spend most of their time at The Little Red Barn Preschool outside in all kinds of weather including rain and snow please make sure they are dressed properly for the day's weather. It is an investment, but the proper clothing will allow your child to enjoy the time spent outdoors without the worry of getting cold or wet. Please dress your child in clothing that is ok to get dirty as we will be playing and learning in the woods. Children missing required clothing for the day will be sent home or parents will be required to go home and get it. Miss Bri will also have a buyback program at the end of the year for those who no longer need their gear that is still in good condition. 

Miss Bri offers the opportunity to purchase outdoor gear from Oaki at wholesale price. You will receive information on this opportunity once enrolled! 

  • Neoprene Rain/Rubber boots/Winter boots

  • A full set of extra clothing including socks and underwear in a labeled ziplock bag

  • Snowsuit for winter

  • Thick, waterproof, winter mittens

  • Winter hat

  • Wool base layer for under snow gear (this is super important on cold winter days!)

  • Jacket in fall and spring

  • Water bottle

  • Balaclava

  • Sunscreen and bug spray in the warmer months

Please label all items from home!


Toilet Training Policy:

Since we spend a majority of our time outdoors, children are required to be fully toilet trained by the first day of preschool. Children are required to be able to use the bathroom independently, including pulling down their pants and underwear, wiping, flushing, pulling pants and underwear back up, and washing hands. If a child continuously has more than one accident in a week-long period the child may be removed from our program. Diapers and pull ups are not permitted to be worn. All children must be in underwear when attending The Little Red Barn Preschool. 


Rest Time: 

There will be a daily rest time from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm. Cots and cot sheets will be provided for each child. Students are welcome to bring a blanket and pillow and store it at school. These items will be sent home weekly to be washed and returned. Children are welcome to nap during this time or engage in a quiet activity. Weather permitting rest time will take place outside.


Behavior Guidance:

We focus on positive reinforcement and logical consequences at The Little Red Barn. The idea of “if you break it you fix it” is our main focus when dealing with unwanted behavior. We also teach children social emotional skills to help them learn to recognize and express their emotions in appropriate ways. This includes the use of a calm down corner for children whose body needs a break. Children are never “disciplined” or removed from the group unless they choose to remove themselves for a break.


Non-Discrimination Practices:

The Little Red Barn Preschool and all it’s employees shall not discriminate in relation to admissions on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, gender, or disability. 


Learning in nature:

Most of our day is spent learning outdoors in nature. We will be playing and learning outside in most weather, as long as there is not a severe weather warning. Please read below to be aware of some of the risks that go along with playing in nature. 


Some risks include:

-Getting wet from rain, jumping in puddles

-Getting dirty from mud/dirt play and gardening

-Using sticks in play

-Rough and tumble play

-Exposure to bugs. *Please let me know if your child has any allergies to bugs and/or nature. Check your child after class each day for ticks.

-Exposure to the sun.

-Exposure to animals.  Animals involved in the program: goats, llamas, rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats. All animals are up to date on their vaccines and well taken care of. 

-Campfires. Children will be around a campfire and will be taught proper fire safety, however, if a child is unable to follow the rules and be safe around the fire they may be removed from the program.

-Being in the woods. Because of the type of program, children who wander may not be a good fit for the program. Children are expected to stay with the group and if wandering becomes an issue a child may be removed from the program. 



The Little Red Barn Preschool carries liability insurance. I will provide all families with a copy of my insurance policy upon request. 

Pets in the Residence:

There are 2 dogs and two cats that are indoors at the residence but will not be in the preschool classroom during school hours. All other animals are housed outdoors or in the barn.  All pets are up to date on their rabies vaccines. 

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