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At The Little Red Barn, we believe that children learn best through play. Research shows us that children who are prepared through social-emotional and play-based learning in preschool are more successful in their continuing education. 


We are continuously engaging in ongoing professional learning about early childhood research, including research from other countries, and base our program on what is best for early learners. 


At The Little Red Barn, learning is not teacher-led but rather based on the intrinsic motivation of the child into things that interest them.


We use nature as our guide to explore and learn outdoors.


We believe in the importance of bonding with and learning through animals and nature. 

We believe in the importance of teaching children to care for our earth.


We believe that children do not fit into one mold, but are unique individuals with different needs and learning styles.


We believe that children learn through movement.


We spend our time outdoors engaging in risky play in order to help children learn about their bodies as well as emotions.

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